Ceggia (Venezia)

Via Caltorta, 18

tel./fax (+39) 0421329755

Azienda Agricola ‘Pra’d’Arca’


Loc. Pra’d’Arca—Via Caltorta, 28

30022 Ceggia (Venezia) - Tel. (+39) 3487143978

Emali: pradarca@gmail.com

Salvare il paesaggio della propria terra

è salvarne l’anima e quella di chi l’abita.

Andrea Zanzotto


Our restaurant


Our restaurant offers local and traditional dishes, prepared with fresh and natural ingredients, most of which are produced in our farm.

The restaurant is open only weekends. It is kindly requested to make a reservation.


Our menu

Since we use fresh and local ingredients, our menu changes according to the season. During the year we usually offer:

antipasto (starters) of fresh and aged cold cuts, omelette with fresh vegetables.

primi piatti (first course) of traditional risotto, gnocchi (traditional dumplings), tagliatelle (kind of pasta) and lasagna with goose or duck meat ragu (bolognese), with mixed cheeses or with seasonal vegetables (radicchio, mushrooms, pumpkin, vegetables from our plot..)

secondi piatti (main course): mixed grill (spares, sausages, bacon, lamb, chicken with traditional corn polenta and grilled vegetables); goose, duck, lamb, chicken and rabbit prepared in various ways (roast, stew…).

As local red wines we serve Cabernet and Merlot, our white wines are Verduzzo, Chardonnay and Prosecco. As after dinner drink, together with coffee, you can also try our flavoured grappa (pomace brandy).

The price of a complete Italian meal (mixed starters, two choices of primo piatto and of secondo piatto with vegetables, dessert) is € 24,00 (drinks not included).














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