Welcome to Eastern Venice


The Agritourism Pra’d’Arca lies deep in the green and quite Venetian countryside and is ideally situated for those who want to visit Venice and the beaches in Eraclea, Caorle and Jesolo. The closest airports are Venice Marco Polo (30 km), Venice – Treviso and Trieste – Ronchi dei Legionari.

The farmhouse is about 1 km from the railway station in Ceggia (Venice-Triest line of  Trenitalia ) and 1,5 km far from the bus stop in Ceggia ( ATVO line).

It is possible to reach the beaches in Eraclea, Caorle and Jesolo by bus, leaving from the bus stop in Ceggia or by car in about 20 minutes.


The wonders of Venice and its lagoon…


Probably the most beautiful city in the world, which definitely doesn’t need introductions.

It is possible to reach it in about 50 minutes by Regional train, leaving from the train station in Ceggia (1 km from the agritourism) or in 35 minutes leaving from the train station in San Donà di Piave-Jesolo, about 7 km from our agritourism, where Interregional and Eurostar trains are also available.

Moreover, it is possible to reach it by bus (ATVO line) from the bus stop in Ceggia (1,5 km  from the agritourism).

It is possible to go there by car, too - it will take about 25 minutes by the motorway A4 (exit in Cessalto, 1 km from the agritourism).

When you are in Venice, you can take the vaporetto which will take you to the islands of Venetian lagoon (Murano, Burano, Torcello, Lido di Venezia etc.).



The fishing village of Caorle and the natural oasis of Valle Vecchia…


Besides being an important seaside resort, Caorle is a wonderful fishing village which definitely deserves a visit. Its historical centre, between the typical Venetian calli and campielli, conserves a Romanesque cathedral, with a campanile which dates back to 11° century. The church conserves Byzantine statues and artworks of various periods.

We suggest a visit to the still preserved casoni, tradition fishermen’s houses, made of common reed, and to the Caorle lagoon, a humid zone of considerable natural importance, whose value has been recently increased by means of the creation of the Regional Natural Park of Valle Vecchia, with natural trails and birdwatching points. You can go there by car (25 km) or by bus.




The promenade of Jesolo…


One of the most important resort in Adriatic sea, very popular for its long sandy beaches and clubs. You can go there by car (20 km) or by bus. 




The porticos of Portogruaro…


A very fascinating town, well-known for its historical centre, which is completely made of porticos, and for its palaces, that go back to Medieval and Renaissance period. In the city there is also an important  Archaeological Museum, where it is possible to visit the remains of Roman town Concordia Sagittaria. You can go there by car (20 km), by train or by bus.  




The Roman and Paleochristian monuments of Concordia Sagittaria…


It is the ancient Julia Concordia, an important Roman town situated between the via Postumia and via Annia. Archaeological excavations have uncovered several evidences of its Roman, Christian and Medieval past. It is possible to reach it by car (20 km).




The Medieval centre, the squares and the wine inns in Treviso..


Still not unconverted by mass tourism, Treviso is a superb city which sometimes is compared to Venice for the beauty of its streams and of its Medieval centre, rich of notable monuments and nice panoramic views. The city preserves its ancient walls and several houses whose walls are painted of frescoes. It is possible to reach it by car (40 km), by bus or by train.



The fascinating Basilica of Aquileia…


Aquileia was an important town of the Roman empire, that was destroyed by Attila the Hun in 452 AD.  The patriarchal Basilica was rebuilt in 1031, on the ruins of the previous one, and it still preserves wonderful mosaics dated from the IV century AD.

The city of Aquileia is one of the most important archeological sites in Northern Italy and there you can visit the Roman forum, the harbour, a necropolis and two residential areas.

You can go there by car (70 km) or by train (the closest railway station is Cervignano-Aquileia-Grado). 



A holiday in Eastern Venice can give you the possibility to visit our mountains, too. Dolomites are one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the world, now also a UNESCO World Heritage site. The most popular resorts, such as Cortina d’Ampezzo and Selva di Cadore, can be reached by car , taking the motorway A27 from Conegliano.











Azienda Agricola ‘Pra’d’Arca’


Loc. Pra’d’Arca—Via Caltorta, 28

30022 Ceggia (Venezia) - Tel. (+39) 3487143978

Emali: pradarca@gmail.com

Discovering Eastern Venice: intineraries near “Pra’d’Arca”


If you have just a few days to spend here, you can’t miss:

- Venice and the islands of Venetian lagoon (Murano, Burano, Torcello)


If you have  4-5 days, after visiting Venice, you can visit:

- Caorle and the natural oasis of Valle Vecchia

- Treviso


If you can stay here one week:

- Concordia Sagittaria and Aquileia

- Portogruaro


If you can spend here more time, we suggest you also:

- Padoa

- Triest

- Dolomits



Creating your own itineraries in Eastern Venice


1. If you want to go to the beach, the closest seaside resorts are Eraclea Mare, Duna Verde, Porto Santa Margherita, Caorle and Lido di Jesolo (20-30 km). In particular, we suggest you those beaches:

- Spiaggia del Mort (20 km) is a natural oasis. In 2003 it was selected from the 11 most beautiful beaches in Italy  by the environmental association “Legambiente”.

- Caorle (25 km): the most picturesque seaside resort in our region.

 - Spiaggia della Brussa (35 km), inside the natural oasis of Valle Vecchia.

- Jesolo: Il Lido and La Pineta (25 km): are both well-equipped sandy beaches (awarded with Bandiera Blu and Cinque Stelle 2010).


2. If you love nature and beatiful landscapes, we  suggest you:

a walk in the natural trails in Valle Vecchia,  that preserves the traditional natural and cultural enviroment of Eastern Venice lagoon

- A cycling tour in Lido di Venezia or in the green island of Sant’Erasmo, in the Venetian lagoon.

- a ‘wine and food’ tour in the hills of the pictoresque  Prosecco region,  between Conegliano and Valdobbiadene (30 km from our farm)


3. If you are keen on archeology, near our farm you can visit:

- The Roman bridge in Ceggia (3 km)

- Oderzo, the ancient Opitergium (15 km)

- Concordia Sagittaria (20 km)

- Altino (30 km)

- Aquileia (70 km)

- The archeological museum in Portogruaro (20 km)


4. If you are interested in the history of our region and you have already been to Venice, the most beautiful cities of art are:

- Portogruaro (20 km)

- Treviso (40 km)

- Padoa  (70 km)











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